Marty Stallone is the executive vice president of land development for Metropolitan Development Group, Inc., which is a broad-based land development company that boasts a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial development projects, including industrial tracts, multi-family market apartments, commercial office buildings, as well as both low- and high-density single-family residential buildings. In his role as the executive vice president of land development, Mr. Stallone is responsible for the management of corporate functions as well as cash-flow analytics, finance, and risk management.

Mr. Stallone brings a wealth of professional experience to his role as the executive vice president of Metropolitan Development Group, Inc., and his more than two decades of previous work in relevant fields is part of the reason the financial services and strategic planning expert has consistently excelled in his current executive leadership position. With well over 20 years of experience as a managing partner in firms focused on capital markets advisory and structured finance, Mr. Stallone has long been a truly integral component in Metropolitan Development Group’s continued success in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.

A graduate of Cornell University, Mr. Stallone possesses a truly unique skill set when it comes to matters of finance. Before joining Metropolitan Development Group, Inc., Mr. Stallone served in a variety of executive leadership positions in which he was able to provide advisory services to clients on any number of subjects that included everything from interest rate swaps to derivative transactions. Although Mr. Stallone’s diverse skill set allowed him to offer advisory services to a wide range of clients, he spent much of his career specializing in the structuring of complex capital finance transactions for government entities, non-profit organizations, and business corporations.

Despite his extensive professional responsibilities, Mr. Stallone still finds time to participate in philanthropic endeavors and dutifully volunteers within the local community whenever possible. The Ivy League-educated National Merit Scholar currently serve as a board member for the Wyomissing Football Association, the Wyomissing Area Education Foundation, and the IM Able Foundation, the last of which provides grants and other forms of support and motivation to individuals affected by a disability. The goal of the IM Able Foundation is to help eliminate any barriers that might keep these individuals from being physically active.

In addition to all of his other laudable endeavors, over the past four years Mr. Stallone has also served as an assistant basketball coach at Wyomissing Area High School, the same school from which he graduated before going on to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. A truly dynamic individual, Mr. Stallone has always managed to balance an impressive amount of responsibilities while still producing the outstanding results for which he is known across each and every one without exception.